Buying a Used Steel Shipping Container

What features should you be looking for when shopping for used steel storage containers for sale.

Those in dire need of storage options are likely looking over the availability of storage containers for sale. In particular, they may be looking closely at used steel storage containers. These containers definitely have much benefit to them. Steel remains one of the most durable metals available and those requiring a reliable container will definitely want to look closer at steel models.

It is also important to note that such storage containers are not just "big steel boxes." Quality steel storage containers will come with a host of benefits and features that enhances their ability to keep your contents safe and secure. For example, there will be containers designed with interior insulation which could prove tremendously helpful for certain storage tasks. Other more expansive containers could even be modified for uses other than storage. Office storage containers would be a perfect example of this as they can be customized into both a workable and livable environment.

Those interested in mainly using the containers for fixed or portable storage will want to acquire the proper size container. Commonly, these containers are available in 10', 20', and 40' models. The consumer would simply have to select the best size for the specific storage needs that are required.
Also, it certainly would not hurt to examine the flooring on the containers. Thick wood floors are a huge plus as they would be extremely durable. That can enhance the safety of those that enter and exit the container.

It should also go without saying the quality of the steel should play a huge role in one's consumer decision. The stronger and more durable the steel is, the more confident you can be in the container. Steel is incredibly sturdy which is why steel containers are so popular. However, not all steel containers are identical. Case in point, some have galvanized steel and others do not. Is there much of a difference between the two?

Galvanized steel is covered in zinc layers for added protection against the elements. Namely, when steel is galvanized, it will not rust easily. For those containers that run the risk of higher exposure to the elements, water, or even certain industrial environments, galvanized steel can prove to be a tremendous help.

Issues surrounding painting a storage container should be addressed. If you want to make sure that the container maintains the appropriate look, you may wish to give it a nice layer of paint. This is doubly true if you purchase an older container that is somewhat faded. To paint such a container, it must be primed with an oil based/anti-rust primer that is designed for steel. The actual paint enamel used must be high gloss and rust resistant. Prior to painting, the entire surface of the container must be sanded down. If not, the paint finish will look poor, uneven, and it might not even be able to stick to the surface.

A quality, galvanized, highly durable steel container will be expensive to buy new. Buying a good quality used steel cargo container might be the best option to avoid paying full price. However, the market for steel storage containers is never a fixed one. Prices do fluctuate depending on where you live, but you should be able to find a decent used steel storage container for under $5000.

Before you purchase a container, you need to make sure you have chosen a suitable site for the truck to deliver your container. bear in mind that you need to allow space for the truck to manouever, and you'll need double the length of the container at the actual site. This video shows you the process of having your container delivered from start to finish. Notice how the site is well prepared with tamped gravel and beams for the container to rest on so it doesn't sit directly on the ground.

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