Prefab Shipping Container Homes

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Have you considered purchasing a shipping container home? The practice of transforming steel shipping containers into an alternative type of housing is becoming increasingly popular today. In fact, you might be pleasantly surprised by the number of options that you have. That includes the purchase of “prefab” or “prefabricated” homes. This involves the process of manufacturing separate modules of the shipping container home at a remote area, and then assembling them at the home's construction site.  This process reduces the construction cost and the construction time. Here are some common issues regarding prefab shipping container homes:  

How Much Does a Prefab Shipping Container Home Cost?

As with any other types of shipping container home, the cost of prefab units can range significantly. If you want the Rolls-Royce of shipping container homes, then you'll have to spend a small fortune on it. On the other hand, typically you can find prefab shipping container homes for less than $8,000 USD. Also, depending on how basic their construction is, you can sometimes find some with price tags that are half that cost. The key is to shop around until you find a prefab house that's within your particular budget. The “right” price is the one that you can realistically afford to spend.    

What Kind of Floor Plans do Prefab Cargo Container Homes Have?

The floor plans of prefab shipping container homes can range from basic, to extravagant. It depends on various factors, such as the number of shipping containers that are used, the overall complexity of the home, and so on. Floor plans for single-container homes are typically quite basic, due to the limited amount of space that they provide. On the other hand, you can also find an array of full-size, multiple-level homes whose floor plans include everything that you'd typically find in a traditional home. That includes: 

• bedrooms
• family rooms
• kitchens
• living rooms
• living rooms
• office spaces 

As you might expect, the complexity of a prefab shipping container home will significantly impact its cost. However, keep in mind that such homes will still be more cost-effective than the cost of traditional homes. So choosing a prefab shipping container home can give you the ability to buy a model whose floor plan is more complex than you normally would have chosen.  

Another key issue to consider regarding the floor plan of your future prefab shipping container home, is whether or not the home will be customized. A customized home will cost more than a standard model. However, it will definitely be worthwhile if you're able to customize the home to the precise specifications that you want. Keep in mind that even though the home will be prefabricated, it's crucial that the floor plan mirrors the precise vision that you have for the shipping container home. For most of us, this will involve working closely with the architect who's designing the floor plans for the prefab shipping container home.  

How Expensive is Shipping a Prefab Container Home?

Shipping containers aren't the lightest things in the world, so you'll certainly have to consider the shipping costs when comparing different manufacturers of prefab shipping container homes. The costs will typically involve the size of the home that you're constructing; and the distance from the assembly area, to the construction site. Still, keep in mind that the overall costs of building a prefab shipping container home will still be lower than buying a traditional home. Basically you'll need to do some number crunching before you decide to choose a particular company or model. Another issue to consider is that you can find somewhat low shipping rates between different companies, since they specialize in the shipping of housing modules. Shopping around will help you to find the lowest rates available.  

What Sizes of Prefab Shipping Container Home are Available?

It depends greatly on the number of shipping containers that are used for the prefab shipping container home. The range can be one container, to an unlimited number. Shipping containers tend to be 20 or 40 feet wide, and 8.5 feet high. While it's possible to modify the containers during the manufacturing process, the number of containers that are used to build a house will basically determine its overall size. If you want a prefab house with one or ten containers, then you can likely find it.  

Shipping Container Home Resources:

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A prefabricated or "prefab" shipping container home makes a great short term housing solution. For some people, shipping container homes can even be long term dwellings. For the price - compared to traditional home construction - prefab sea cargo shipping container homes are affordable, if you are willing to live a somewhat alternative lifestyle. If you are curious about what types of used containers are available, check out our page on buying used steel storage containers for sale.