Refrigerated Containers For Sale

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Welcome to - your virtual A-Z for new and used shipping container information and buying tips. Knowing what questions to ask before you commit to purchasing a Storage cargo container will save you some potential headaches, and help you find better quality Storage containers in better condition. A shipping cargo container makes a perfect temporary storage solution or mobile shelter and will always keep its resale value if you decide you dont need it anymore.

Refigerated or "reefer" containers are available in a variety of sizes including 20', 40' and 45'. It is possible to find other sizes or have one customized to your needs, but these are standard sizes. Like other shipping conitainers, the box size are: width: 8', height 8.5'. As with steel dry containers, a high cube model is also available which gives you a 9'6" high box. Refrigerated containers sometimes include the non-working, or insulated version without the refrigeration unit, but here we are focused on "reefer" containers for sale both new and used. Most refrigerated containers are aluminum inside and out.

There are a few obvious advantages to buying a new or used reefer container. First, they are portable. If your business moves, the container comes with you. Second, a refrigerated container is much less expensive than having a walk-in freezer built. Thirdly, These units come completely assembled and ready to use, no construction hassles. Your perishables will be kept cool even up to temperatures of up to -20 degrees celsius. And as a bonus, your reefer container has high resale value when you no longer need it.

Check while shopping each time you find a refrigerated container for sale that it has been manufactured to ISO standards. ISO stands for International Standards Organization, a governing organizations that ensures that all ISO certified containers are built to rigorous standards. Choosing an ISO certified refrigerated container means that you will be getting the best quality seals and thermal efficiency with minimal air leakage.

We highly recommend that you appoint someone or you yourself check the refrigerated container everyday to monitor its performance. There are a few things to check each time you enter your reefer container unit.

1. Check and make sure the area above the red painted line is clear and the area under the raised grated floor is clear in order to allow proper cold air circulation throughout the container.

2. Check the electrical panel to ensure that power supply looks good and nothing is damaged.

3. Open the doors only to load or enter. Do not leave the doors open or partially closed unecessarily. When the doors are open, it causes condensation inside and will require you to defrost the evaporator coil more often.

4. Bear in mind that warm product will also cause the same result - necessitating you to defrost the evoporator coil more often.

5. Designate only yourself or one other truisted individual to adjust the temperature controls. The controls are designed to be left alone once set, and overuse can potentially cause system failure.

6. Check every day to see if the condensing fans, evaporator fans and that the floor condensation drains are working.

7. If you open the doors often, purchase a clear plastic strip curtain to reduce the amount of air exchange each time you enter.

Here are some ISO standard size refrigerated containers:

steel sea container   20ft Refrigerated Container. Interior dimensions are 18' x 7'4" x 7'4 1/2". The container weighs about 6,500lbs with a maximum payload of 46,500lbs.
40 ft refrigerated container   40ft Refrigerated Container.Interior dimensions are 37'11"' x 7'2 1/2" x 7'4 1/2". The container weighs about 9,500lbs with a maximum payload of 70,000lbs.
40ft high cube refrigerated container   40ft High Cube Refrigerated Container.Interior dimensions are 37'11"' x 8'2 1/2" x 8'2 1/2". The container weighs about 9,700lbs with a maximum payload of 70,000lbs.

This is a great video which explains some of the features of the refrigerated shipping container.

Refrigerated 'reefer' containers are a great solution when you need extra cold storage, but you dont have to shell out the big dollars for a brand new one. Used reefer containers and refurbished ones can be perfectly suitable and reliable, just make sure you have the cooling unit checked out by a service specialist, and get a guarantee or limited warranty. Renting refrigerated containers is also a perfectly reasonable option if you need something short term.