Shipping Container House Plans

Information about shipping container house plans and shipping container floor plans.

Would you like to own a shipping container house? Today, more and more people are choosing container homes for various reasons. They're cost-effective. They're easy-to-build. They can be "green," which makes them ideal for homeowners who want to use more green energy in their homes.

While there's no limit to the number of shipping containers that a shipping container home can have, many people choose the single-container home. One of the benefits is that the cost will be lower, than say-those houses with 10 containers. However, another key benefit is that you focus your energy and resources on a single container, which can give you more options. Regardless of whether you or someone else builds the home; and whether the house is built 100% on-site, or the "prefab" variety-- there are several issues to consider. Here are some of the most important ones:

Shipping Container House Building Permit

It's crucial that you secure a building permit from your local municipality, so you can legally build a single-container home. Quite frankly, securing one might be somewhat difficult in certain areas. That's due to steel being an uncommon material for residential structures. However, the process may simply involve proving to local officials that the material will ultimately produce a safe and secure home.

Shipping Cointainer House Floor Plans

Even for single-container homes, choosing or creating the perfect floor plan is a crucial step for getting the shipping container home that you want and deserve. You can include some basic amenities that are also found in traditional homes, including:


Granted, the space will be much more limited than in a traditional home. However, a single container can provide enough space for a studio-type home that includes all of the basics that you need for your day-to-day living.

When creating your floor plan, you should accommodate a multiple-container home, if you'd like to add containers in the future. While shipping containers are sturdy, their function as a home is quite flexible. You can place them side-by-side, stack them, and even position them upside-down. So if you plan on expanding your living space in the future, then make sure that your original floor plans would make the process easier rather than more difficult.


Again, one of the features of a single-container home is that you'll be able to focus on one container. On the other hand, you'll also be somewhat limited by the space of that single container. When designing your shipping container home, it's important to consider issues such as the lighting, furniture, and appliances that you'll want to add to your home. Some people like to go with the basics, while others like their single-container homes to be more elaborate. It's really up to you.


As with the interior of the single-container home, you'll have several options when designing the exterior of your home. An important consideration is the building codes of your particular municipality. Within those limits, you'll have several options, including the exterior's:



The walls are some of the most important components of any home, and a shipping container home is no exception to the rule. Drywall is often used for the interior walls, while stucco is a popular choice for the exterior walls. Some of the main benefits of drywall is that it's inexpensive, and provides much flexibility in terms of the interior's design. Meanwhile, stucco is inexpensive, durable, and easy to install.

When installing the walls of your shipping container home, it's important that they be installed correctly. As when building any other type of house, this will help to prevent future problems, such as damaged or collapsed walls.

Shipping Container House Concepts

Before designing the interior or exterior of your single-container home, it's important to get as many ideas as possible. You can find tons of them in magazines, on the Internet, and by visiting existing shipping container homes. You might find an exact concept that you'd like to use for your own shipping container home, or one that you'd need to tweak somewhat. What's important to get as many ideas as possible, before choosing one for your own single-container home.

Sea Cargo Shipping Container House Resources:

Here are some links that provide ideas for your future single-container home:

A prefabricated or "prefab" shipping container home makes a great short term housing solution. For some people, shipping container homes can even be long term dwellings. For the price - compared to traditional home construction - prefab sea cargo shipping container homes are affordable, if you are willing to live a somewhat alternative lifestyle. If you are curious about what types of used containers are available, check out our page on buying used steel storage containers for sale.