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Welcome to - your virtual A-Z for new and used shipping container information and buying tips. Knowing what questions to ask before you commit to purchasing a Storage cargo container will save you some potential headaches, and help you find better quality Storage containers in better condition. A shipping cargo container makes a perfect temporary storage solution or mobile shelter and will always keep its resale value if you decide you dont need it anymore.

Steel shipping containers make excellent storage units, perfect for everything including equipment, sporting goods, vehicles, supplies and overflow inventory. They are especially convenient for short-term or temporary storage needs. When it comes to storage there are three main concerns. First, the storage unit needs to keep the contents dry and free from moisture. Second, the contents need to be secure and safe from thieves or vandals. Thirdly, The size of the storage area needs to be custom tailored to your needs. With such a wide range of storage container for sale either new or used, it’s easy to find just the right container for your needs.

Shipping containers are made to stay dry and secure, safely protecting the cargo from damage on trans-oceanic voyages. A shipping container is built specifically to survive these extreme conditions and deliver cargo in pristine condition. These incredibly robust containers are designed with rigorous conditions and longevity in mind so you can be sure that your property will be safe and secure, free from water damage and pests.

Shipping containers are incredibly convenient. All you need is flat space with adequate drainage and enough room for the container to be off-loaded from the flatbed delivery truck – twice the length of your container. Many containers can be moved by forklift from the side as well should it need to move a short distance. Shipping containers come in a few standard sizes in the United States: 10', 20’, 40’, and high cube. Each container is 8’ in height excelt for the high cube, which is 9’6”. Remember that the container size refers to the interior dimensions rather than the exterior and make any necessary allowances at the intended resting site for your container.

Check out the main types of shipping containers:

steel sea container   Steel Sea Container. Standard steel 20' shipping container. Other standard ISO sizes are 20', 40', 45', 48', 53'. High cube models also available - 9'6" height.
insulated shipping container   Insulated Shippig Container. 20' insulated shipping container. Inulating reduced the clearance and interior dimensions. Usually available in 20' and 40' standard and high cube.
refrigerated sea container   Refrigerated Sea Container. Insulated and with a cooling unit built in. Aluminum outer shell shown here. Often called "reefer" containers. Usually available in 20' and 40' standard and high cube.
open top shipping container   Open Top Shipping Container. Open top shipping container allows for top loading access. Usually available in 20' and 40'.
flat rack shipping container   Flat Rack Sea Container. Open on all sides for easy access and oversize cargo. Usually available in 20' and 40'.

When you weigh the cost of renting at a typical storage facility vs. purchasing a used steel storage container, the economics start to make sense pretty quickly. Even the smallest storage unit runs about $120/month, and chances are you'd have to drive miles to get to the nearest one. A container on your own property is convenient, and if properly cared fort, maintains its value for resale, allowing you to recoup your investment.

Check this video to see how you can add lighting, electrical, and storage shelves in order to convert your container into the perfect tool shed.

Once you’ve made the decision to get a shipping container for your storage needs, you can either get a brand new shipping container, find a used ocean shipping container for sale, or rent a storage container. Consider how long you expect to need the extra storage – it may actually be more expensive to rent one, and evaluate as best you can what size container you will need. Also – remember that if you buy a new or a used storage container for sale, the resale value is very good and you can get a great return on your investment.