Used Ocean Containers for Sale

Used ocean containers make the perfect storage solution. Find out what you should be looking for before you buy.

Are you trying to find a new or used ocean container for sale to solve your storage problem? Ocean containers are built to withstand the rigours of transport, the elements, and pests. Durable steel construction and watertight seals will keep your stored goods dry, safe and secure. However, it goes without saying you positively must have a good quality ocean container in place to handle the task. If you fail to scrutinze the container you're considering for purchase, and don't go through a checklist to ensure everything is in good condition, you cannot be sure that the contents will remain undamaged.

Those looking over the availability of ocean shipping containers for sale will definitely need to be deliberate in their selection. While all sea shipping containers may appear the same, this is not the case at all. There will be many varied differences among the containers available for sale. Whether you are wishing to purchase one that is brand new or one that was previously used, proper due diligence will be required in order to make sure you won't regret your purchase.

That means you need to weigh a few pros and cons with ocean containers. First and foremost, it would be best to select containers that have been built within the acceptable levels of ISO - International Shipping Organization - standards. Even though you will not be shipping your container, you do want it to be highly durable. You purchase one that does not bear the ISO standard but this could be a drawback since the container's durability may be somewhat lacking.

It may be best to select a container that has been produced with Corton steel. Corton is not pure steel. It is mixed with brass and this composition helps the container handle all the weather and environment common in the ocean. Again, even though you are not taking the container out to sea, it may still have to deal with the elements. Corton steel might effectively deal with those elements easily. The drawback here is such steel might be a little more costly. And truthfully, it might not be necessary in certain environments.

The right size is a must. The most common sizes available will be 10', 20', and 40'. It is imperative to select the right one. "Cramming" items into too small of a container makes them susceptible to damage. Having too much space in an oversized container can cause the same damage if secured items become dislodged. Additionally, it would be a huge waste of funds to purchase containers that are too big for your needs.

High cube containers are also available and this is another tremendous benefit. The more flexibility in terms of the design of the containers, the better your ability will be to store contents in the manner you wish. A drawback with the high cube one is that its transporting it could be a little difficult due to the somewhat atypical size.

It may also be worth it to purchase those ocean containers for sale made with corrugated side panels and/or recessed front and rear sills. Again, this reduces the potential for the container to suffer from damage and wear.

Obviously, a quality ocean container can come with a high price. Or does it have to? It does not if you explore the options of buying used or refurbished containers. However, you should never purchase such a container without performing the proper inspection first. Failure to perform an inspection could be a major mistake since you want the container to be in excellent condition.

The inspection should cover the interior and the exterior. Any damage, dents, or scratches should be closely inspected to determine if they can potentially undermine the integrity of the container. Certainly, you do not want any container with holes in it. This includes small, "minor" holes because they will not be so minor if they lead to water damage impacting the contents. It also would not hurt to make sure if any repair work was performed in the appropriate manner and will degrade over time. Be mindful of any corrosion on the container which might be common if a ocean container has been exposed to sea air and salt water. Lastly, make sure the doors open and close properly and remove any stickers or marking that reference the prior owner.

Does this seem like a lot of work? It may be but the effort is worth it if it leads to acquiring the perfect ocean container for your storage needs.

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